Thursday, October 16, 2008

Library Pocket Obsession

About a month ago, Heather and I saw a really cut "dates to remember" book made out of library pockets. We really thought it was cute and wanted to make one. SO we emailed the gal and got really no we hit up the good ole google and found library pockets in a package of 12 for like $4 each...then we found a quickutz revolution die on ebay and then a coluzzle template.

I ended up getting the ebay die (which I need to re-list) which when it arrived was way way too small....and then the coluzzle. I decided to make it and teach it to the gals from work at our September gathering....I did all the prep work and only charged $10 each. Really I should have charged $15 for all the prep I did....but none the less - it was fun....The sample I did, I used several different shades of I had planned on making myself a new one. Well....I didn't start it til the other which a co-worker (What up "L"man) asked if he could purchase it to give to his boss for boss' day....yeah Lucy!! here is the finished product. I still have to assemble mine....

All paper and stamps are from The Angel Company. The final picture is a snap shot of the acrylic box that I dressed up with a paper band, ribbon and buttons....I can't wait to make more of these bands.....Heather...we might have to order more boxes!!!


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