Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Is it October already????

WOW...where did the summer go? It was fast, furious, frustrating but definately FUN!

Major events that happened in no particular order....

survived Music Fest
survived WAG
survived RICO moving and only working out 1 time per week
surviving the fact that drug boy moved to freakin Chicago
saw my sweet grandma
my brother and his family visited from Miami
my uncle from Australia also stopped by
my stamping business has taken off and now I have monthly stamp club meetings yeah!
I cut my hair short
I've hung out with all my best buds, DIVA, MEME, Heather, Cynthia & Em and the DIVA Kitty!
Got a new property manager
the Canadian moved oh
I made a really cool Elvis wedding card....
got commissioned to make some cool 70th bday cards
got a new cool phone Instinct
and I'm going to Phantom tonight!!! Which is a long long story...ugh cliff notes...I was supposed to go opening night (I had free media tickets) BUT it was on Sept 11 - and I was to be in Salem...go figure...but by a wing and a prayer and lots of cash money...I'm going tonight!

AND for the record...I think I've only broke down into tears less than 6 times! Yeah me!!!


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