Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Portland Creative Weekend

Well, I'm back and well rested from my wonderful weekend in Portland attending the Creating Keepsakes Convention. It was good to get out of town, fantastic to take classes, and just be. I did a lot of thinking about things, some good, some bad and well just some. LOL. I had a couple of amazing conversations with Joe and all is good. I did something that I have NEVER done for myself on a trip....I completed a scrapbook. Of my weekend. YEAH me!!! WAHOO!!

So I'll try and recap the weekend with pictures for you all....I had a very nice drive down to only took about 2 1/2 hours....and I arrived safely at my favorite budget motel...motel 6 - when I'm done with Rico, I'll totally upgrade...but for now...this is in my budget.

I checked in and went up to unwind and just veg before heading to check in and attend my first class. I could wait. It was the marble tile class - using Photo transferring....and here's the finished project. This was a fun class and I can't wait to make more and teach this class...

After my class, I headed out for a bite to eat...go good ole friend...gotta love the daily special in a wrap. I got back to the motel, and just relaxed headed off to bed.

I of course got up super early, and went and hit the wannabe fitness center...okay it's a treadmill..and I did a bit - I also had brought my resistance tubing, so I did some presses and rows...and then it was time to hit the shower and get ready for the day.

And no "School Day" would be complete without breakfast from my favorite place...Elmer' I headed over and order BACON....they must of thought I was a total freak, as I didn't want the pancakes or hashbrowns and just wanted the bisquit and fruit..and of course, I had to ask how many pcs of bacon was involved, then I asked to have the cook put pepper on it....I know I know...high was my treat bacon!!!
I then headed to the convention center...I love seeing the towers...I always know I'm close. Inside I always crack up at their GIANT ART...the Poppies, the pear...and of course Starbucks, I knew it was gonna be awesome....

My first class was taught by Ali was her Top 10 favorite was really good...lots of good information and great goodie bag filled with all of her 10 favorite things.

My next class was Not your everyday I've seen clipboards made, but haven't ever done one, so I thought I would take the class for fun...cuz this weekend was all about learning and FUN...I really liked the class...and it was fun, I'll have to make more!!

I had a break inbetween classes and did a little shopping, and walking around...and then my last class...Clearly Visible was an acrylic scrapbook. Now normally when I take a class like this, I just do the project and leave it empty always saying I'll finish it....well not this time...My Acrylic Scrapbook is completed with pictures from this trip and a little journaling...YEAH ME!!!

One of the highlights of my weekend, was running into a few friends...I got to see DL a couple times..yeah and a few others....which made it a fantastic trip...I did meet some new friends, which is always the reason I love what I do.

til later.... peace!

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PawsN2Stamp said...

I am so happy you got away for the weekend. I am still bummed that I didn't get to go up to the convention and get to see you....but like you always say..."It IS what is IS".

Sounds like you had a great time and I love all the projects.

And, I am back to being my same ornery self, so guess I must be over that bug.

Love ya,