Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a joyous Easter holiday, I certainly did. This is the criss cross card that I made and sent out.

My weekend started with Friday...met MeMe for lunch at Applebee's - yeah trade! We had a good lunch and chat...then back to work, we got out of work a bit early...okay 30 minutes early...which was nice. The traffic was light...crazy eh? I got home and then left to go to Good Friday service, it was really nice. I met the boy for dinner afterwards...it was funny we went to Shari's...we had fun, and a bunch of laughs. Saturday - time for a little road trip. Joe thought it would be nice if we went for a drive. Hummmm.....so he picked me up around 9 and we hit the road. He was pretty prepared - he had lots of goodies - healthy goodies. Bottled waters, fresh fruit, carrots, peanuts and a few luna bars for me. I was really touched that he took the time to think of all that. So off we went.

We ended up not too far from home. He took me to Golden Gardens. I started to laugh when we got there - I mean really - a 10 minute road trip? He said he had picked that as our destination because I had told him, that I loved going there, and whenever I have something that I need to think about, I go down there, walk on the beach and just think. And he wanted to share that with me. He's never been to Golden Gardens, so it was new to him, and it was nice to share it with him. He even brought a picnic lunch for us to enjoy.

We walked out and around to the point and sat and just talked. He even brought blankets as it was a bit cool and even a thermos of caffine free hot tea. *swoon* He told me he hoped I liked his surprise...he also said that no matter what we do - big or small - it will always be new and special and ours.

When we got back to my place, he said let's go check out the new coffee place. So we walked down there and enjoyed a little treat and just sat, listened to music and just enjoyed the relaxing day.

Sunday....wow...came way too quickly. I headed to church and then up to the "Rents" - we had turkey dinner....yeah stuffing! We had a nice day...just catching up....the food was good, conversation fantastic....mom is doing sooo much better...it's hard to believe it's almost been a year since her accident...she's come so far...I'm soo proud of her...and Dad's just been a hero...totally stepping up and then some. I headed to church again after dinner...it was different, smaller crowd, different approach - challengeing...and inspiring. I got home and got ready for work...and then the news came on....The F/T Alaska Ranger sank, 4 crew were dead. Capt. Pete...dead...omg....I just started to cry...so many emotions came rushing in....

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PawsN2Stamp said...

Love it!!!! I am busily working on my workshop for tomorrow....will post on my blog when I finish them.

Love ya