Friday, March 28, 2008

Aloha Friday - Hawaiian Shirt Edition

In preparation for my trip to Oahu and Maui, I thought it might be fun to get a couple of Hawaiian shirts to have to wear before going - on celebrate Aloha Fridays and get in the spirit of the trip and also take on my trip. I came across this website that not only sells fabulous Hawaiian shirts, but they also have a line of "plus sizes" And if you know me....I did a beeline right to the purple one.

The company that I found is called Wave Shoppe, check out their website. One thing that really made me like this company right away was how they designed their plus size women's shirts. You can read the story here.
SO happy Aloha Friday. It is snowing here...I can't wait to feel the warm sun on my face...December can't get here fast enough!

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