Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

WOW….things have been BUS-ZY…eeeks! Okay so it’s Wednesday, but here’s the weekend wrap up!

Friday…a trip to good ole Sam’s club. Yummy Strawberries and Pineapple were purchased…got home, lugged everything upstairs…and got ready for Heather’s the next morning. Got up and made the infamous fruit salad. Yeah me, got to Heather’s in the nick of time…and then we headed off to Becca’s! Annissa was with us…so to say the least the short roadtrip to Becca’s was full of laughs!

We had a great, fun and productive day working on our Brayer Technique Books, I think everyone finished. Yeah us!

I headed home, and stopped to pick up some ground turkey for Sunday’s Taco Bar potluck. I stopped at Ballard Camera to meet with the gals about teaching classes. I got a bunch of cool products to work with. SO the plan is to figure out what to make with it, come in this Saturday to shop for papers etc, and then start making…and turn in stuff so they can announce at Scrappin’ Friendzy….wowza…it’s gonna get sketchy…lol.

I finally got home and got ready for my date with Joe…aka the drug boy. Yeah drug boy…lol…we went to a nice little new haunt in Ballard. Lots of fun, good food, and not too crowded. After dinner, he came over and helped me okay more like watched and razzed me while I was making the turkey taco meat for Sunday.

Sunday came way too fast. Yikes, I was no sooner up, and out the door to make it to church on time. Got there, and saw everyone…the service was nice and then we waited afterwards til it was time to head to Ken and Carla’s. I had a blast chatting with my buddy Aaron. He would jump up onto my lap, kneel, wrap his arms around my neck and tell me “I’ve got a new bed” “It’s blue” lol. We had a fabulous time enjoying tacos and catching up…I hated to leave and go home.

But home, I had to go. I got home and pretty much relaxed, chatted with Joe and then got ready for Monday. And Phone Duty….what a week it has been.

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