Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Movie Review Tuesday

Kicking off the first Movie Review of the blog – is the movie VANTAGE POINT Starring Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox.

Overall rating = 7
Entertainment Value = 10
Pay Full Price? Matinee or Rental

The movie is based on a terrorist event that takes place in Spain where 8 complete strangers see 8 different vantage points of the assassination of the President.

There were lots of plot twists, car chases, and explosions. Overall, the movie provided an entertaining evening, however, the rewinding of the scene to move to the next vantage point was somewhat frustrating, I just wanted to see what happened next.

The entertainment prior to the movie was priceless. MeMe and I met up to see the movie, and as we were sitting in the empty theatre, two men approached us and struck up a conversation. Both were very humorous…did you know you could use a sharpie to make grill marks on any item of food? The movie started late, so we were given a free small popcorn coupon on the way out. Yeah us!

No movie night is complete without going out to dinner. Dinner was had at Applebee’s on trade – gotta love that!

MeMe’s take on the movie? "The pre-movie entertainment was funny! Overall the movie was fine, nothing too much to say. Though it was nice to see Matthew Fox in a ‘bad guy’ role."

So there you have it folks……

And because this is the first Movie Review Tuesday…you, the blog reader, get a bonus movie review…Yeah YOU!

The next movie is NEXT starring Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Beal.

Overall Rating = 7
Entertainment Value = 9
Nicholas Cage Hotness = 10

The movie is based upon a man being able to see into the future 2 minutes. Tho I was pretty much lost because I was just looking at Nick Cage tee hee, again, the movie premise was preventing a terrorist threat to Los Angeles. The movie was entertaining, short, and a definite RENTAL. Yeah Blockbuster!

AND A BIT OF TRIVIA….Who said the following phrase (actor name or character name, and what movie. Bonus points for character name and year of movie.
“You're on a need to know basis and you don't need to know”

That ends the first Tuesday Movie Review Blog posting.

Enjoy the show!
Remember – Be kind rewind, and turn your cell phones off.


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dfly's buzzing up and down: Movie Review Tuesday
“You're on a need to know basis and you don't need to know” That ends the first Tuesday Movie Review Blog posting. Enjoy the show! ...
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Look what I found when I GOOGLED It....I know, I know...it's cheating, but it was driving me crazy!! LOL