Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh what a week....

So the week was good. My boss was out of town. Sweet. Got lots done at the office, not as much as I wanted to...but still...a good amount. Had some awesome workouts...thank you Rico...even tho you killed me a few times....Brad and I carpooled a couple of times...sweet...and it was just an overall great week. Not too many crazy things happened. Just nice. The way it should be. The card I am showing you here is one I made for a swap with other angels. I can't wait to get the swap back....more samples for Scrappin Friendzy!

I do have a bit of interesting news....I went on a date. It was a very casual date...but a date nonetheless. It was fabu! I will say that there will be another date soon...when I get back from Portland. Oh yes, I am going to Portland. Love how I'm trying to avoid telling all the 411 on the date? tee hee....Well, let's just say this Billy Joe Bob Fred (those of you who know me really well know that name) tee hee (if you don't - just ask!) is a wonderful, interesting person with lots of potential. And a smile that fills the room...and for diamond don's here!!! LOL!!! And I realized I didn't tell RICO...what? I know...I need to ...that will give me something to tell him on Wednesday and to see if he is actually reading this....snort! Well I

Back to Portland...I'm heading on my annual trip down to the scrapbook convention and taking a couple of classes. I'm very excited about them and can't wait....and I also got some good news, it looks like I will be teaching for the local scrapbook store...I"m going to be talking with them after I get back as that should be lots of fun!!!
Anyways....So here's to a great week and lots of inspiration!!!


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