Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday Movie Review on a Wednesday….

WOW…since it’s late I'll keep it short....

It seems I’m stuck on Nick Cage….oh gee darn - I hate when that happens!!!

Face Off - Starring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta and a few other good actors/actresses.

Movie is based on good and evil. Nicholas Cage is the evil Castor Troy and John Travolta is the good Sean Archer. This movie is the typical good cop after the evil criminal. I have seen this movie several times…and often quote a lot of lines from it. I love how wickedly evil Nicholas Cage is and how when Castor and Sean trade lives, how each actor pulls it off. There is lots of action and shoot em up scenes.

Overall Rating =10
Entertainment Value = 10+
Nicholas Cage Hotness = 10+
Rental? ABSOLUTELY – if it’s on sale BUY IT!

One of my favorite lines from this movie is… It’s like looking in a mirror, only Not.

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