Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

26 days of rain, it's Friday the 13th, but so far its been good.

I drove today...yes it was of course, I had to stop at Starbucks for a little joe...a Friday treat, and today was "Free Bagel" day at work..when the freaking bagel lady showed it was a double bonus!

I settled into my desk and starting pulling reports and such...checking email...sssshh don't i got and email alert from my nephew's bands group to check their blog...eeeks...what was a blog about their upcoming birthday nephew rockstar is gonna be 15 and two of his other band members are turning 18...all I can say is hope they have tons of fun...I only wish I could be there to help celebrate. on to the rest of the day. We had our Seahawks halftime lunch...what a spread! And as a surprise, they brought someone in to do football images with airbrush on your face or hand or arm. I got the Seahawks logo on my hand, unfortunately it washed off...eeeks! The pair of tickets was given away...and we all chipped in cash for the winner to buy beer and pay for parking...$120 wahoo! The gal that won, really deserved to win, and I am glad she is going!

Finished getting stuff ready for my big day tomorrow...I just have a few things here to get ready...but boy...will it be a big day.

Traffic sucked, took forever to get a friend of carpool buddy's to show the apt...hopefully they will rent it.

Headed back upstairs...and "V' had been by, the heat was turned on, all the shows were programmed on the dvr, a fresh batch of Crystal Light was waiting in the fridge with a bunch of purple tulips and a very sweet note of "good luck, you'll do great, I'm proud of you" from "V". NOW how wonderful is that???

"V" is heading to the game tomorrow...I'll be busy "scrappin" and then we'll hook up afterwards..he's gonna make his famous swedish meatballs...yummy!

Well night all...i've got a few more things to fishing getting ready for tomorrow.

hugs and kisses

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