Monday, January 25, 2010

Which bus do I take where???

WOWZA....Monday morning...up and at em. Time to take the bus. What the??? I managed to get onto the correct bus number but I took the local when I should have taken the express....lesson learned...ugh it was so crowded and hot really in January...I thought I was gonna melt.

I got off at the correct stop downtown, make it to the building, changed and made it to my office in one piece. Seriously. My first day was good sort of uneventful work wise...I don't have all my stuff yet, computer, phone, email, but I do have a key and an office that locks with a window. SWEET!

Had lunch at my desk, and did a few personal things, I will be bringing a book and my ipod for sure.

Bus ride home was tragic. A stalled car on the ballard bridge made it painful - left at 7am this morning and got home upstairs at 7pm...12 freakin hours - really??? I know it will get much better I just need to have faith and remember to breath!

SO I'm only gonna bring my wallet, my lunch bag and my big bag...with my change of cloths...we will see if it is much more "lighter" in the am....and my orca card should be I called and got it "fixed" so hopefully the bus driver won't give me the evil eye like he did this am when I paid with cash.

Night all....gotta get a good nights sleep!

peace out....and pray for a quick ride to work!

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