Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a whirlwind... it is Sunday evening and what a freakin awesome busy weekend!

First off....I start my new job on Monday morning...yes tomorrow...yikes....and I'll be taking the Metro bus - which I haven't done in stay tuned for lots of stories on that adventure.

I signed all my paperwork for my new job on Friday....I think I signed Tanzy away...sorry kitty...I got my dfly lamp that I had seen right before I got laid off...and I got it ... last one...yeah me and it was even $30 bucks cheaper...wahoo! My new tenant signed his paperwork.

I did a bit of shopping...and such.......make a turkey meatball soup with rice...yummo! And let's all my invites out for my party...wahooo!!! Finally!

AND I placed 2 TAC orders for the new Serendipity that it goes live 12Mid Central time as I was able to order after 10pm here! YIPPEEE!!! I have a ton of stuff that will be for me...I can't wait, new stamps, new nestibilities, new free stamps....and lots of other goodies!!!

Anyways....gotta pack my lunch and get ready for I am sure 5:30 will come early and since I really have to get get to it!

all for now....

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