Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now that it's 2010

Hello out there! I know it's been about 6 months since I last blogged. Lots has happened.
My sweet grandma passed away this summer, and then I was laid off from work. After the shock and awe wore off...well....I made some changes to my life.
I started to re-do, de-clutter and re-organize my life and apartment. I had my apartment repainted, and got rid of lots of stuff...and my apartment is almost put back together the way I want it.

I still have a few things left to do and I really need to get them done by I start my new job on MONDAY...Finally!!!

I also got a kitty. She is 8 months old and soooo sooo cute. Anyways, I have got my desk/computer set up just the way I want it and it seems that I should be able to post more here now. Or that is my goal.'s the kitty....isn't she cute?

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