Friday, January 29, 2010

OH Happy Happy Friday

WOW...were did the week go???

I rocked it at work this week. I did so much on Wed, Thurs and felt great. Awesome!!!

I'm getting into the groove of the new gig, and the new far 5 days in and ready and raring for more.

I left a note for the UPS driver butter up job....I'll upload the picture from my phone later....and not only did both boxes of my TAC order get inside the building - BUT they were in front of my door...UPS ROCKS....

I can't believe how much stuff I ended up getting....I am in 7th heaven!!!

I'm heading to Heather's on Saturday and hopefully will have an apartment showing. I've got some stuff to get done before next week....and shopping for my party...and shopping for lunch next week and laundry!

Have a great weekend!

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