Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Express what???

Awe...Tuesday. A much better day on the bus....I took the express in the am and also on the way home. There was a traffic incident on the way home and the bus was running 15 mins late...but I still got home and was upstairs by 6:15 mo better.

I got my phone hooked up at work today...found the post office inside the building...and went to the bank inside the building...how handy.

Wednesday will be a busy day. My office mate will be in and I will be learning all the stuff that I can help her with....and hopefully my new computer will be here by the end of the week. I know that my boss is waiting for me to start taking over his reports....and well so am I.

Anyways....gotta get stuff ready for tomorrow....hopefully more entries and maybe a few pictures as well....

OMG...i almost forgot my huge TAC order will be here on Friday yeah!!! I'm heading to Heather's on Saturday and will bring the new stuff to show and tell....and I've got to get ready for my stamp workshop on Sunday...and eeeks....my party a week from Saturday....eeeeks!

time to rock it!

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