Friday, February 08, 2008

Murphy HATES Me...

Tuesday, the morning of fasting, holding it and testing….I felt really good when I woke up, I got ready and headed out the door to head to the lab. Of course, Murphy was not too far behind me today…lol….as I got onto the road…it was raining, windy and traffic at a snails pace. Great. I had my trusty liter of cold water to drink on the way. For whatever reason, I have an issue when it’s time to do the deed…you know…pee into the cup. Apparently, I can’t pee under pressure, so I always drink lots of water on the way to the lab, and of course, when I get there…I am so ready, okay beyond ready to burst. So picture this…Me, being diabetic and fasting, having to hold it, drinking lots of water, getting stuck in 1-90 traffic and being anemic. Fun times….lol.

I finally make it to the lab. And I walk in and check in. They come and get me and ask for my insurance card. I pull it out and hand it to the gal…she scans it and then proceeds to say…”You owe $4.50…I can’t test you til you’ve paid this.” Now mind you, I just got the bill in the mail the night before…ugh…I said sure, here’s five bucks…”oh I can’t take cash”, I reply check? She says ”no, sorry”…I replied…Visa Debit card??? She says “Yes”. Whew…so I give her my card and she scans it in and I have to sign like 29 pieces of paper…snort…

She then says…”Okay take a seat”, I sit down, ready to really burst at this point…the vampire draws 3 viles of blood and then says “Okay you’re done.” I’m like, What? What about the micro albumin test? She replies “It’s not marked on your chart, are you sure you are supposed to do that?” I’m like, yeah hello…I don’t sit in the car for over an hour, having to pee and drinking more water for my health…She then says, “I need to get the dr’s okay.” So she goes over to Dr W’s office as I’m trying really hard not to lose it and then comes back saying “They can’t approve it, you already did one in December.”

What the FRENCH toast….I head over to Dr W’s office (the other side of the lab) and say, Dr K wants me to have this done each and every time I do the other testing…she replies, “Well Dr W isn’t here, so if that’s the case, Dr K will have to okay it….”
At this point, my sample is almost ready to be all over the floor. I turn to the lab gal hand her my phone with Dr K’s number already ringing, and I say, give me a cup…I need to do this NOW. She replies…”I can’t till the order is given.” I tell her, just give me the cup, I’ll pay for the cup, you’ve already got my visa, what’s the cup cost, $2 bucks? So she hands the cup over and proceeds to wait for Dr K’s office to answer….I happily go do my thing…and as I am finishing…the lab gals yells through the door…it’s approved….ugh..the things one must go through….

I head to the office, feeling pretty out of it, and needing fuel…needing juice, needing food…and to just sit down…the day turned out pretty good. Heather came over for lunch and we just sat and chatted about stuff, stamping, Rico, stamping…crazy people, exercise…fun fun times…

I headed home….and got ready for my triple shot of workouts with RICO…Wed, Thurs and Friday….

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