Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Teff or Not?

Where did the time go? I know…I totally got my butt kicked by RICO…lol….My trifecta workout (wed, thurs, fri) totally killed me. I got to the Villa on Friday, made dinner and totally crashed!!! Slept sooo good….must be that Mercedes of a bed….had a pretty busy Saturday, did a few things at the villa, then headed out for some errands for the apt building, and then home. Got a ton of stuff done…who knew? But the unfortunate thing was the weekend just flew by. What? Where did it go?

The week at work started out well, you know – normal…I was traveling back and forth between work, the villa and home. But it was good, made the time go by fast. I had a cooking class on Monday night. It was a total blast. It was sponsored by Swedish Hospital and the Joslin Diabetes Center. It was really interesting. It focused on refreshing your knowledge of portion size, carbs, healthy sugars and using different things to get more flavor our of your food. I really like how they incorporated simple things into your meals like zest for instance and different spices. They made some interesting things…Chicken with a yogurt sauce which was really good, they made crispy sweet potato and beet chips (yummy) chai tea, and then some chocolate pudding with raspberry made from Teff….It was like eating chocolate grits....yeah not for me…but the hit was the date bon bons…I’ll have to make those one time…very good…and not to horrible calorie/carb wise.

Tuesday finally arrived, I made it through the day and then it was time to see Dr W. Boy was I nervous. I knew my blood sugar was about the same, but I didn’t know what the proteins would be. WOWZA…amazing…great appointment and the proteins dropped HUGE…now I’m only 13 points above normal….WAHOO…now just to keep it there. A huge relief – now I can just Keep Calm and Carry On….lol…

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