Friday, February 17, 2006


On the way to work yesterday we had an interesting encounter at the Starbucks drive thru with the squirrels...

It was SHIT day (So Happy Its Thursday) and I said to "B" I'm buying! So we headed to Starbucks...the drive thur line was HUGE...but we were we pulled up to the drive thru speaker we noticed 4 squirrels going at it in the trees...a couple of them looked like they had crackers in their mouths...they were running this way and that way and duking it out with eachother...and there was a crow egging em on...IT was too funny. SO we were laughing and totally thru the Starbucks gal off with our antics. It was one of had to be there...but for the rest of the day...."B" and I randomly hollered "SQUIRREL"

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