Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Look...No Cavities

Tuesday. My day started early. I was at the dentist's offc by 6:55am. Yes, that is right 6:55am. I know, insane. Now mind you, I am a freak. I love going to my dentist's offc. My dentist rocks. HE is the best. And the staff is awesome too! AND as usual, no cavities!!! YEAH!

I headed into work, and it's funny how you can get into a habit. I am so used to pooling with "B" that today, my drive into work was lonely. As I headed towards Starbucks - yes - I needed to get my caffeine freak on, the drive was different. I traveled the same road that "B" and I do every day, the same road I have taken to work for the last 5 years...not the same. I think the conversation, the championship, the laughs are worth a million dollars. So "B" if you are reading this, I missed you this morning.

The day was pretty low key. All the sales people were out at a meeting and then had training meetings during the day. I got some stuff done.

Talked with Momma today, it was good to catch up. It will be good to see her in the next couple of weeks when I had to PDX for a long weekend.

When I got home and parked, "V" called and said hey can you meet me for dinner?? SO I headed up to Bento to meet "V" and have a little sushi. Yummy. MMMM Sake with Ponzu sauce.

Got home and played apt mgr for a bit. Looked thru my mail and to the Bad Bad Man who sux, I am worried about you. Please call. Let me know what's going on okay.

"V" came over after work and we watched "The Weatherman" with Nicholas Cage. Interesting movie. Had some good life lessons in it. Well off to bed. Sales meeting in the am.


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