Friday, January 23, 2009

More JustRite Cards

YEAH ME!!! I did it!!! keeping up with my resolutions!!! I finished Ronda's bday card and set of cards....woot woot! I just have Alan's bday card to make, and the card sets for Brom and Danen as well as cards....and an Anniversary card for the 'rents'....for February...

Here they are....and I am loving how fun and easy these are...I'm gonna start making two of each kind I make for me and add my initial...then I'll always have a variety of cards!

I'm excited for the weekend.....I need to try and pick up a couple more mailboxes to decorate...if none are to be had that's okay...I have enough...but I'd like a few more. I need to get paper to decorate said mailboxes...paperzone here we come....everyone loves the brown and pink too!!!

AND....I've got a RICO workout...we are gonna start doing the circuit need tired of this blah blah blah I'm in...and then I have a bit of grocery shopping to do...veggie tray for Ronda's and my cottage cheese ranch dip....yipppeee I haven't made that in ages....and then a little clean up around the Ronda's and then.... and the 'rents' I have lots of stamps to index and cut and dad has some that need to be done as hopefully, while I index, he'll start to cut his...and then I've got phones all next week so I will be able to cut out my stamps...yeah so many to do before my new batch shows up....and

THE NEW MAGALOGE....cross between a cataloge and magazine what??? I got the ups shipping info they will be here on WEDNESDAY!!! YEAH!.....and hopefully my courtesy copy will be here Saturday or Sunday....I've seen a sneak peek of a cupcake's on my list to
Anyways here's to a great Friday and weekend.....

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