Saturday, June 03, 2006

Will this project ever be finished?

So the project...that I have been working on finally ready to be assembled. All the pcs get delivered before noon. I start working on putting tape on the backs of each pad of entry blanks, once finished placing tape on all 140 pads I start adhering 70 of the pads onto the display boards. Finished.....SO I get ready to start putting all the items into the envelopes....when...(insert dramatic music here) Chrissy tells me....I think we should order another 70 pads. I called Kinkos...and asked when they could be delivered. 11am. I could get everything ready before 1pm. Done deal...yeah!

SO I put togeher 35 of the packets and load them into boxes.....everything looks like it's gonna work. I'll be able to leave for my 1pm hair appointment on Friday...taking the remaining half of my vacation day that I lost last Friday.

Murphy hates me. I swear. I wonder what I ever did to him.

SO I bop into work...happy ready for a half day...I'm doing my reports...singing, laughing, having fun....and then....I get a call. Kinkos wouldn't be ready til 1pm. I about loose it. I say boss wanted to leave by 2:30 to deliver the project so as long as they were there by 1pm it would happen....if not...well I didn't want to think of that.

SO I call and cancel my hair appt. I have to wait til next Friday...drat drat hair really needs to be cut and colored.....but I'll have to wait to have it altered....oh well.

SO Kinkos calls back and they can deliver half of the project now, the rest by 1pm. Do I want them to???? HELL YEAH I say they get there and I put together 15 more packets...just 20 more to do.

Kinkos shows up at 2:30 all the packets are done....boxed and loaded onto a hand cart to take downstairs to my boss' car. I was so tired. UGH.

I left the office by 2:50 and called "V"....we decided to go see The DaVinci Code at 4pm by the I had a bit of time to kill. I went and got a salad at Cucina Cucina...and had an ice tea. Then I went to meet "V"....ah finally...the project is gone....gone, gone...yeah!!!

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