Saturday, June 03, 2006

Just shoot me now and get it over with...

UGH....I was finally starting to relax....I knew that something was abrew. I knew it, I knew it. Yesterday, while "V" and I were at the movies....I got a call on my cell phone. Of course, I didn't know til later....that my boss who was delivering the project had called. He didn't leave a message so I didn't call back. Okay "V" told me if I called back...he would never speak to, tough decision right??? Hmmm calling my boss....or "V"....easy. "V".

SO this evening I was just getting ready to watch Last Holiday with ll cool j and Queen l....and the phone ran. It was Jeanie from work. Asking me about tape for the display boards. Oh shit. what now??? She told me what had gone down. I said well Chrissy told me not to put any tape on there so I didn't. Although, I had thought about doing it .... but after Chrissy kept saying no...decided not to. UGH...I hate when I know that I should do something...and am told not to and then do what I am told. I should just go with what I know and my gut reaction.

SO while Jeanie is at her event tomorrow, I'm gonna go pick up the tape and drop it off at her house on the way up to the "rents" Am I ever gonna catch a break with this project???

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