Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A fond memory of sorts for DIVA #1 and MeMe

So the project that would never die...re-appeared today. UGH got a call from the client asking for 4 more sets. Are YOU kidding me??? Luckily, I had 4 samples left...so out they went into the mail.

BUT on the way home...I made a stop and instantly thought of MeMe and DIVA #1.

Can you guess what these two have in common or not???

Okay...I'll tell you all...it's kind of a weird combo - but...here it goes...

I went to Taco Time and ordered the NEW Chicken Chimayo Salad in the drive thru...and while I was ordering.....the PANDA man pulled up behind me.

Get it???

Okay so if you are going HUH????

I'll explain....MeMe loves Taco Time and there is NO TACO TIME in the land of OZ...and DIVA #1 loves the PANDA man (which is a resturant that has a delivery service).

So at the end of my day...after sitting in traffic for over an hour and being a bit irked...my day ended with a big smile thinking of my friends.

Love you guys!!!!


1 comment:

Diva #1 said...

Ok, here's something even MORE random... I live where there IS a Taco Time, but NO Panda Man

I saw his truck on Sunday, and immediately the PandaMan song came into my head... ready...

"Who can bring you chinese, great pot stickers too, The Panda Man can, The Panda Man can, cause he mixes it with love and makes the world go round..."

Off to work I go. xoxox LYMI!