Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What is your happiness today?

Since I have last blogged, a lot has happened. Some good, some bad, some just some.

I ended my stay at DIVA #1 and then headed home for a full 5 days off from work.

And then I got sick. I don't know if it was all the stress catching up with me, if I was truly sick with the flu or what. All I know is that...while one is sick, it doesn't help when the freakin construction guys are jack-hammering. All. day. long. UGH!

On a bright note, the NEW TAC (The Angel Company) stamping catalog came out....wahoo! Lots of cool new things...that has me somewhat inspired to start really creating again.

"V" and I went to see The Lakehouse. It was good...a little sappy not too believable but it was enjoyable to sit in the movie theatre with my man holding hands and just relaxing.

"V" and I went to Ocean Shores late Friday night. We had a great day and a half at the beach...then back home on Sunday...in time to go to the "rents".

Pops of course was not too happy with me about being sick...but well we all do what we have to do.

SO I am fasting tonight. Why is it when you fast for a blood test...you are hungry...even when you shouldn't be?? Is it because "you aren't allowed to eat?" I think so. But I'm glad to be going to get the test to see how my diabetes is doing. I am sure I am in for a change of medicine, which will be good. I think part of the reason why I got sick and sick for so long is because my medicine isn't up to par.

I am currently putting together a scrapbook for a gal at work who is retiring. 13 years with the station. I am really gonna miss her. It seems since MeMe left....it has been a mass exitous...it certainly is not the same.

Speaking of MeMe...she's coming to town and I get to pick her up at the airport, have a quick bite to eat and then meet her parents up North to drop her off! WAHOOO!!! It will be sooo good to see her....short as it may be....but so good. I've got it on my calendar already!!!

So back to the blood test...I keep putting off what I am thinking....hoping it will go away...far far away. Monday I go to a different doctor to get the results...a new doctor to me. SO I am trying to not be so nervous about it as you never know what they will say....but hey I've got to do this...it's a step in the right direction!

Oh and I'm heading to Portland on Saturday, Heather and I are gonna carpool...it's a meeting for TAC for our WAG seminar in September. It should be lots of fun.

So...back to Monday. I have decided to treat myself after my doctor appointment. I'm gonna go to Sweet Additions to have a late lunch and read some of my book. To relax - oh and I have Monday off....vacation day. Yeah!

SO to the title of this post. What is your happiness today?

Mine is
Making Marti a scrapbook
I'm going to Portland!
The weather is starting to cool down a bit

What is your happiness today???

peace and love

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Diva #1 said...

Hey there, sorry to hear about you being sick - you should have called and I would have invited you to the "villa" and taken care of you... no jackhammers here!

Let me know what happens on Monday - if you want company for lunch, give me a holler :-)