Friday, September 16, 2011

What an AWESOME week

WOW...I can't believe it's already Friday. This week has gone by so quickly and yet it's been freaking awesome.

Monday and Tuesday were typical normal days....and then Wednesday...was a full day. Went to work, took my car for emissions testing...PASSED....stopped at the radio station and saw some of my fav peeps...then to the doctor's office.

Had a great appointment....good test results got all my meds refilled..and then off to meet the gals at the KEG. What fun that was soo good to catch up and just chat. FUN TIMES...then off to see

The Help with DIVA.....great movie....good to see her and catch up and then it was time to go home....

Thursday was another great day.....another drs appt - all good there...and then met the Cable Guy for my tv - got everything squared away...Tanzy even flirted with the has to come back in a week but no biggie....minor dealio.

Got the new guy all moved into the apartment - yeah!!!! and then it was time....

Then the smokin hot Vampire Diaries season premiere - all I can say is HELLOOOO DAMON!!!

Went to QFC afterwards to get breakfast/lunch stuff for work on some yummy rasberries to share with the boss man....

And it's FRIDAY - it's been busy but I got coffee this morning....and it's gonna be a great rest of the day.....

Look for a post on Sunday/Monday for the secret weekend details.


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