Saturday, September 24, 2011

Girls Weekend - Salem OR

Wow...has it really been a week since my girls roadtrip to Salem Or??? Why yes it has.

I headed to Heather's and then we were off to Salem, to meet up with the gals from WA, OR, ID, MT and CA for a crafting fun weekend. Usually, we go on Friday and participate in the trading of cards, and the shoe box projects...this year...we weren't gonna go...and then with the closing of the Angel Company...we decided, last minute to hit the road to at least be able to see everyone for one last time....just in case it didn't happen next year.

There was shopping, purchasing, eating out, meeting new people, stopping at the ghetto lq of laughs, texting, facebooking, shopping, learning new things, more purchasing....yummy food....more laughs and good coffee.

The next thing I knew....I was back home - weekend over.

I must say that the last two weeks...everything seems to finally be falling back into place. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel....and it is NOT a train...whew....

Here's to another great weekend.....

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