Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Wow...so much has happened in the last 3+ weeks. Some good, some bad, some challenging and well some time consuming.

I have had a few hard lessons learned...but life is good overall. I know that I have to have a positive outlook, even if it looks totally bleak. I have to remember it's not my fault, as I always try to "fix" everything for everyone. Some things just are not in my control. And most importantly patience.

I think I have learned these lessons again, for now...lol...and life is starting to settle down. I am hoping to finish a few things that I need to finish so that I can actually "relax" and "enjoy".

I was so happy to be able to make some cards for my dear Aunt Serina for her birthday later this month. I have never made her any cards for her to use. Why?? I really don't know. Could it be I was afraid she wouldn't like them? use them? Really??? Whatever, she loves the cards I send to her for the holidays so why wouldn't she love some to use. I guess I just let life and fear get in the way....I am excited to send these to her for her birthday....

I had such a relaxing time the other day with my bff...we just chatted and rolled bakers twine for hours....it was nice to get out of town and just spend some time with her. I really needed that break. I am looking forward to our upcoming roadtrip...it's kinda a secret so I won't tell you the destination or the info yet....but will report when I get back...lol...

Anyways....here's to a great rest of the week, a short week. Here's hoping I get lots done by Friday...and that the weather is not too hot!


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