Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some things never change...

So I survived Monday. Work was good, busy...had to cover the phones for a bit...nice break.

Its amazing how easily one can get sucked back into a routine...we make these promises to ourselves to protect our emotions, and then out of some sense of obligation and/or guilt we do what we promised we wouldn't. I have been struggling with this for sometime now. I know it will get easier but it's still hard right now...I did however, keep myself guarded to a point...and felt okay afterwards....but still....seriously...will I ever learn???

Anyways...I did get home okay....and got ready for a viewing of the apartments...and then the phone rang....at least she called...we did reschedule - so I decided to just relax and do a bit of stamping. I realized when I was packing for last Friday I still had a few card kits left from my February hostess club....so I made em up. I decided to send one to my sweet grandma and let her know exactly how much I love her...TONS! Anyways...I don't think I posted this earlier..so here it is...enjoy!
Images are from The Angel Company.

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Anonymous said...

Wondering if my friend Dlfy is still out there?
I'm feeling a little "wobbly". hint hint...lol