Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Know...it's been forever and a day or two

Since my last post. So many things have happened since April 1st....

Let's see if I can recap...

My birthday
tons of work
Dinner and a movie bday style
trying to rent an available apartment
Babies - Baptism - Babies
Several trips out to lunch to celebrate said birthday
Live Jazz Music outing
Brunch celebrating said birthday with DIVA including massage
Scrappin' Friendzy
Missed Secretaries Day/Week
Free cool bag
Sushi lunch to make up for forgotten Secretaries Day/Week
Getting ready for Music Fest Contesting
Lots of work
covering the phones during said Lots of Work
Babies - Baptism - Babies
Baby shower...
Answering the phones way too much
Opening Day of Boating Argosy Cruise
Delivering orders from said Scrappin Friendzy
Oh and did I mention RICO has MONO??? WHAT??

SO I will try to tell JUST THE GOOD STORIES....and upload some pictures...and some cards...

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